Neck and shoulder tension ? Anxiety ? Poor sleep ? Read on.....


Neck, shoulder and back pain can be SO debilitating, you sit at your desk for hours on end, day after day barely making time to grab yourself a sarnie. Driving the kids here, there, and everywhere. 

Life feels like a never ending hamster wheel, juggling lots of balls in the air, and dropping them. The thought of having to cook, clean or do anything other than lie down sometimes feels exhausting, you just don't have the energy. 

You can't wait to get into bed. All you want to do is collapse on the sofa and have a glass of wine or maybe two. Medicinal of course. I know the feeling.

Health experts say things like "You need to strengthen your core" OR "Your glutes are "lazy", you need to wake them up" OR " You should do Yoga"

But that sounds PAINFUL ? Not to mention the fact that you really don't want to go anywhere that might involve wearing any form of lycra in front of other people. 

I was teaching classes at the Feel Good Festival last month and one of the participants upon asking me what to expect from my class, said to me, last time I tried Pilates it was like " Yoga for masochists" 

Let me be the one to tell you, my classes are NOT like that, it doesn't have to be painful or hard, you don't have to wear lycra and it's NOT yoga ! My neck and shoulder release class is mostly sitting down using some simple eye movements, stretches and breathing exercises. In fact these movements can even be done sitting at your desk.

This class has received amazing feedback every time I have taught it. These are actual comments from zoom chat boxes and facebook comments. 

" Very relaxing I feel much lighter in my neck and eyes" 

" My eyes are feeling less tired now, amazing response" 

" That was fantastic thank you " 

" That was awesome, Emma thankyou "

"Thank you for the lovely session, very useful " 

" My shoulder and neck normally feels very tight whilst working from home " 

"Thank you for the session Emma, these gentle movements really helped I felt very tired, just started yawning."

" Thanks a million, that was brilliant" 

" Thank you, absolutely brilliant" 

" Thank you so much, just what the Dr ordered" 

" Really good and easy to follow with no judgement" 

"Thank you so much for last night, taking the time out to do your class certainly made a difference to my sleep, I haven't slept so well for ages" 

Let me ask you this What if just one hour of your time, in the tranquil loft space at The Health Barn, Askham, away from the chaos at home, could lead to reduced pain, tension and better sleep. It can !

And these techniques are so simple you can do them yourself at home, even sitting at your desk, anytime. 

Right now I am offering my neck and shoulder release class for ONLY 19 pounds, that's less than a takeaway for two. For the next 48 hours only. After this the price will increase. 

Are you going to take advantage of this ? To book a space at The Health Barn, Askham on Sunday 12th September at 10.00 am (limited spaces) the link is below.  What are you waiting for ?

Time Sunday 12th September 2021 at 10.00 am 
The Health Barn Askham, Penrith, Cumbria 

Emma Jayne Lynch 
Pilates teacher, somatic regulation strategies and life design. 

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